3 New Crematoriums coming to Doncaster

It has been announced that Doncaster Council will decide on plans to build three new crematoriums across Doncaster and its surrounding areas in favour of a heavy death toll due to the coronavirus pandemic. If these plans go ahead it’ll mean that Doncaster will be able to lift the increasing capacity of Rose Hill Crematorium, and move services to more sites that are within the same radius in Doncaster. However, will this have a heavy impact of the surrounding countryside?

3 New Crematoriums in Doncaster

Members of the planning committee will decide on new sites including, Armthorpe Lane in Barnby Dun, South Green Lane in Brodsworth, and another at Sheffield Road in Conisbrough. The owners who own Rose Hill Crematorium in Bessacarr have said that they are currently at insufficient capacity due to the heavy death toll over the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused many family members to lose loved ones either contracting the disease or from other underlining health conditions.

However, Doncaster Council this week mentioned that they are only recommending the Barnby Dun area if the application is approved subject to conditions. The new crematorium will include associated car park space, access road, gardens of remembrance, and area for natural and traditional burials. But both Conisbrough and the Brodsworth area are situated on the green belt and do not meet the ‘exceptional circumstances’ to warrant approval.

Planning sheet of 3 New Crematoriums coming to Doncaster

High Capacity for Rose Hill Crematorium

The team here at Paul Young Funeral Directors’ have seen documents that show that between the years of 2016-2019 the existing Rose Hill Crematorium in Bessacarr, Doncaster have operated at 155% of practical capacity in peak months, and that’s not counting this year which has seen funeral services in Doncaster become overwhelmed due to loved ones being victim to COVID-19.

Bosses of Rose Hill say that a crematorium operating above 80% makes it difficult to offer a cremation service that meets an acceptable quantitative standard, which in turn affects the crematorium’s ability to offer quality services to bereaved families.

Paul Young, a Doncaster Funeral Director said this: “An independent external consultant has fully considered the need for all three proposed locations and concludes that the Barnby Dun site would best impact the current over capacity at Rose Hill Crematorium.”

Higher Annual Deaths in Doncaster

Health officials have said that annual deaths in Doncaster and its surrounding areas are projected to increase by 23% between 2020 and 2043. This report outlines the majority of a high population of people living in Doncaster and the surrounding areas over the age of 70, while also living within a 30-minute drive of Rose Hill and Barnby Dun.

Sad widow organising a funeral

Harm to the countryside?

However, all this weighs heavily in favour of this proposal and outweighs any harm to the character and personality of Doncaster’s rich countryside, and as such, the proposal is recommended for approval. The material consideration is that this scheme will best meet the need of the borough three new crematoriums, and that must be a given substantial weight in favour.

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