Remembering a loved one who has sadly passed away during the pandemic has meant rethinking funerals in every way in 2020. The pandemic has upturned the rituals of grief and mourning, and that’s no different for Paul Young Funeral Directors in Doncaster, who have conducted more than 100 funerals since March.

Is technology better for Mourners?

Doncaster Funeral Director, Paul Young commented on how Technology could be better for mourners who cannot attend funeral services because of the COVID restrictions. He says: “The thing that has surprised me the most is the ways in which technology has almost seamlessly been welcomed into our mourning practices.”


For example, only 30 family members (or close friends) can be present at a funeral, with others being able to watch either a Live Stream of the service or via Zoom call. For now, small funeral services are possible, and with technology having a positive impact on most funeral services, everyone can attend no matter where they are in the world and pay respects to their loved one.

Funerals in 2020: Better for Mourners?

Live Steaming is Awkward?

The biggest leap that most companies have is learning to demystifying technology. A mobile phone is no longer that intruder, they’re used to Live stream to a relative who wishes to be there but can’t due to restrictions. What thought to be an awkward time using a mobile phone during a Funeral service, is now one of the most useful pieces of technology that fits perfectly in your pocket.

However, the fact that most people in these difficult circumstances have to say goodbye on an iPad or smartphone is shocking – a lot of people feel they’ve been robbed of their grief. Even people attending funerals in person can struggle without some sort of familiar rituals, such as singing of hymns, the last touch of the coffin, or comfort from loved ones.