Yorkshire Cemetery struggles to keep up with burials

Yorkshire Cemetery struggles to keep up with burials A Yorkshire cemetery near Doncaster has announced recently that they have been struggling to keep up with the number of burials as the second wave of the pandemic has gathered pace. It’s not yet known what is the cause of this big increase, but COVID-19 is a […]

Organising a Funeral

Organising a Funeral Throughout the on-going coronavirus pandemic, there are rules about who can and can’t go to a funeral because of social distancing and shielding of those in a high-risk category.  This can be quite upsetting and difficult for everyone involved, such as loved ones to the recently deceased. Here at Paul Young Funeral […]

Live streaming a funeral

Live streaming funerals When it comes to funerals many people are against taking pictures and videos – at least in the room where the service is taking place, it can seem disrespectful. However, here at Paul Young Funeral Director we are looking at ways to improve our funeral service in a time of need during […]

Funerals During Lockdown

Funerals During Lockdown On October 31st 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new four-week Lockdown in England to run from November 5th to December 2nd in hope to try and flatten the curve, and reduce the spread of coronavirus, however, with these new measures put in place, what does this mean for Funerals? Is […]