Cost of Funeral in Doncaster

As of 2019 the average cost of a funeral throughout Doncaster and the Surrounding areas was £4078, the national average cost for a cremation is £3247 making our fee £908 below that figure, a fact that we here at Paul Young Funeral Director are immensely proud of.

For example, the team at Paul Young have looked at the essential funeral cost and non-essential aspects of a traditional funeral cost in Doncaster to see how we can save you money while still being sustainable in order to be able to help many more families for years to come.

Check out our Prices

Direct Cremation

£ 1295

Simple Cremation

£ 1995

Family Cremation

£ 2995

Family Burial

£ 4495

Paul Young, Doncaster Funeral Director is highly skilled in handling funeral arrangements where the cost is met, partially, or in full, by the DWP Social Fund Funeral payment. If you would like help with funeral costs, or the cost of a funeral then please contact Paul Young Doncaster Funeral Director.

Optional Services & Funeral Cost with Paul Young Doncaster Funeral Director

As of 2019 the average cost of a funeral throughout Doncaster and the Surrounding areas was £4078

A family member of a loved one who had recently died might like to compile a short speech, which is called a eulogy to read themselves, saving on the cost of a celebrant or minister. A collection plate can be provided as you leave the chapel if you wish to accept donations to a charity of your choice.

If your loved one died further afield than your package will allow you up to a maximum of 80 miles.

·     Provision of an upgraded coffin – Prices start from £200

·     Upgraded Cremation urn – Prices start from £36

·     A traditional 6/7 passenger limousine – Prices start from £220

·     A simple floral bouquet – prices start from £50

Paul Young Funeral Directors can also provide a motorcycle, Land Rover and a Vintage horse driven Hearse. If you’re interested in these please contact us for more information.

What is the cost of a funeral in 2020?

The basic funeral costs in Doncaster has risen, but a budget cremation will cost just a third of the cost fell by 5% last year. The basic funeral costs has risen to £4,417 on average, but bereaved families who opt for a direct cremation with Paul Young Funeral Director can cut the bill by nearly two thirds.

How much is a basic funeral?

There are many things to think about and decide when arranging a funeral, such as how much will a basic funeral cost? It is often a difficult time for family members who are dealing with a loss of a close one. Funeral costs come to some people’s surprise, a lot more expensive than they originally thought, often costing thousands of pounds.

Here at Paul Young, we will give you a breakdown of costs and suggest a few ways to help you plan a good but affordable funeral.