Death at hospital

If a loved one passes away at the hospital, and you are the next kin, hospital staff will inform you and hospital bereavement or family liaison officers will assist and advice about the procedures to be followed next.

If the deceased has registered for donation of organs or tissue, transplant coordinator at the hospital will consult you for transplantation as it has to be done very soon after death at hospital.

You will get the necessary information regarding the nearest Registry offices from the Hospital bereavement or family liaison officers to register the death at hospital. The document preparation takes time as they can only be completed by medical staff who were directly involved in the patient care.

Upon registering the death, please call us so we can liaise with the hospital authorities and make the further arrangements. 

Please note, death of has to be registered within 5 days. 

You may also contact us or schedule an appointment with us, if you wish to discuss the funeral arrangements.  

We will take the deceased person into our care upon registration and receiving a green certificate. 

Please make sure to also go through other services that we offer. At times like this, one will not be aware of the arrangements to be made. But we are here to help. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.  

Death at hospital

Death at hospital