Death in foreign land and repatriation

If your loved one passes away when flying or in a foreign land, we will work for you to gather the necessary documentation required from the British Consulate or Embassy and collaborate with foreign funeral directors to transport the deceased to the UK.

We understand the frustration you might be going through to deal with your loved one’s death in foreign land and to repatriate their body back home. And we are here for you.

Although, it is difficult to predict the timescale of repatriation when there occurs a death in foreign land, but might take an average of week or two depending on the country where they passed away and time zone, potentially delayed flights and cancellations are to be taken into consideration.

We also take up repatriation of the body from UK to other countries, we check specific requirements for the concerned country which might differ based on the location.

We notify relevant authorities about the death in the UK and relevant embassy to inform them regarding the death. We will inform the consulate of the country where deceased is being repatriated to and confirm the respective documents needed for the repatriation to take place.

Please make sure to also go through other services that we offer. At times like this, one will not be aware of the arrangements to be made. But we are here to help. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.