Death of a child or a baby

Death of a child or a baby is the most traumatic event for parents to deal with.
We perform funeral or memorial service for death of a child or a baby and follow a religious or non-religious ceremony as requested by the family.

A funeral or memorial service will give you a chance to say goodbye and also share your grief with family and friends upon death of a child or a baby.

The funeral includes coffin of choice and the family can either choose cemetery chapel or the graveside to perform the entire burial ceremony.

We even conduct funeral of the fetus. We ensure to take up full responsibility to perform the funeral with respect and dignity if the parents fail to attend the funeral due to certain uncertainties. 

We respect your wishes and take up private funerals at minimal charges for the funeral of fetus, baby or child.

We also offer a selection of small coffins and caskets for children and babies with a range of designs at different prices. Please feel free to talk to us about your choices.