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How to ease anxiety over Pre-Paid Funerals?..

It’s hardly surprising that there’s a growing focus on pre-paid funerals, when people purchase their funeral package in advance and lock in process – sparing their families a financial headache when they pass away. However, this is a strange scenario because, the loved one who organised the plan will not be around when it comes into effect, to assess whether it meets promised standards or complain if It doesn’t. Which means the family may not know what was agreed or even have the paperwork on hand.


Paul Young, Funeral Director in Doncaster, says that people are typically deeply resistant to discussions around death, and most families have often not been involved in the pre-paid funerals planning stage.

He quotes:

“They turn up with a plan after the parent’s death and say, ‘Mum told me the funeral’s all taken care of’, and that will have been the only conversation they had about it with her.”


However, there are two main types of planning. You can choose vertically-integrated funeral directors, like myself, or CO-OP, are probably the most well-known out there – they sell their own plans and then carry out the funeral.

Problems with Pre-Paid Funerals

Problems can often emerge when a plan is sold by a third-part provider and the funeral director doesn’t know what kind of plan was agreed. We have previously delt with pre-paid funerals where there was a lot of misunderstanding over what was included in the service.

The customers are under the impression the whole funeral was paid for, but we had agreed with the plan provider that the funeral plan would cover only part of the costs, with the rest paid by the family. Now we are having to bill them for additional costs that they hadn’t expected, something you don’t want to do during a pandemic.

Please make sure to also go through other funeral plans that we offer. At times like this, one will not be aware of the arrangements to be made. But we are here to help. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, so please call us at a time that suits you.

Grown in Popularity

Funeral plans have grown in popularity over the years, as the population has aged and funeral costs have spiralled. For instance, sales of pre-paid funerals rose by 350% between 2006 and 2016, but the plans fell in 2020 with the impact of Lockdowns and restrictions on face-to-face services.

How to ease anxiety over Pre-Paid Funerals?

Discuss your Pre-Paid Plans

For years, families in Doncaster have been able to rely on Paul Young Funeral Directors for their funeral and burial services. We offer clients a range of modern funeral plans, designed to make the arrangements more manageable for you and your family. From making sure your wishes are fulfilled, to easing the financial burden, our plans help to smooth the way through a difficult time.

You can find us at: 16 High Street, Askern, Doncaster, DN6 0AB. We are just a few minutes away from the town centre.

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