Frequently Asked Questions About Funerals

Here are some frequently asked questions about funerals. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call us on 07729 173 058 and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

Here are some frequently asked questions about funerals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funerals

A funeral acknowledges that a death has occurred. It provides an opportunity for those who mourn to express their love, respect and grief and enables them to face the fact of death openly. Often this will also allow family and friends to unite in support of one another. Through the funeral those grieving take their first step towards adjustment to their loss.

Although unusual, it is not essential for there to be any form of ceremony. On the day it is quite possible for the coffin to be taken straight to the graveside or to the crematorium, where the family may choose to witness the reception.  Should the family elect not to be present, this form of committal will be carried out with equal dignity and respect.

If a religious service is appropriate then we will contact the local minister for you. However, it’s entirely up to you If you choose a non-religious ceremony, a secular or Humanist celebrant can be contacted. Some families choose to lead the ceremony themselves.

The Coroner will be involved if a death is unexpected, or in some other circumstances, for example, if the death follows a hospital operation. The certification and registration procedures are then different, and we will explain this to you in detail, and how it may affect the timing of the funeral.

Please contact Paul Young Funeral Director as normal and we will assume responsibility for the return of the deceased. We may engage the services of a funeral director in the place of death who will initially work on our behalf. Usually, arrangements made in this way will be less costly to the family.