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Paul Young Funeral Directors are a traditional funeral home in Doncaster run by Paul Young himself.

The main premises are on the High Street in Askern, where Paul and his wife have lived since Paul’s father, Jack Young had his own funeral business. Jack was a well-known Family Funeral Director in Doncaster offering a funeral service under the name Jack Young Funeral Directors in the town. In January 2020 they began running new locations in the Doncaster area, including Doncaster

Bespoke & Affordable Funeral Directors in

Paul Young Funeral Director was established by Jack Young in Askern, a funeral director in his own right, before handing over the business to his Son, Paul Young, and is one of the oldest local Funeral Directors in Doncaster.


Our Funeral Home in Doncaster is a Community Interest funeral director business committed to serving you with the highest level of service at your time of need.

Our professional and bespoke funeral service gives you the opportunity in our very own chapel of rest if you want to spend time with your loved one when you visit our Doncaster branch.

Our experienced team of staff and dedicated funeral professionals, Paul Young is here to support you with the funeral arrangements whenever you need our support, without the added worry of financing the proceedings beyond your budget.

What to do when there's a Death without a Will?
Theme-based funerals

We want to help you with the grieving process by helping you with the funeral plans. Sometimes it can help to speak with someone about your emotions and feelings with someone completely independent from your direct circle of family and friends, we are here to help support you.

With many years of experience, we will take you through all of the funeral plans available to you. This is a difficult and emotional time, and you may not fully understand the funeral process. Don’t fret, we are here to help. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, so please call us at a time that suits you.

We're here to help, whenever you need us.

What Can Our Funeral Home offer?

Are Funerals banned in Lockdown?

If someone has passed away, we are here to help you with every step. We can even show you what documents need to be made and filed for a death certificate. 

Bereavement Support

Planning your own funeral can be expensive and can be very stressful. If you’re having trouble covering the expenses, we’ll help by organising an affordable solution that leaves more money for other family members in need.

Burial or cremation

If you need to tell us someone has died and you’d rather not speak with someone right now, call back within an hour.

When Someone Dies
When someone dies, a loved one to be more precise, and you would like to know what is to be done next, speak to our personal advice team at Paul Young Funeral Directors.
The Full-Service Funeral
Our Full-Service Funeral provides a truly personal service, delivered to the highest standards and arranged to meet your specific needs. This way, you get to say goodbye to your loved one in an appropriate manner. Choosing between a burial or cremation for your loved one is an important decision. Paul Young Funeral Services provides personalised and reflective service, allowing you to decide the details as you see fit.
Costs of a Funeral
Our fees are below the average cost of a funeral in Doncaster, and the surrounding areas, a fact that the team at Paul Young Funeral Directors are immensely proud of how affordable we can be to make things easier for you.
The Simple Funeral
Paul Young Funeral Directors provides the highest level of service with funeral services, cremation, and embalming. Whether you would like a burial or cremation, our Simple Funeral package lets you make the choice of how to say goodbye on their behalf. If you're planning on burying your loved one at a slightly more flexible time than the norm, The Simple Funeral can help make that possible.

Our Pricing in Doncaster

Confusions over pricing is the last thing you need. Our packages are as follows.


£ 1295


£ 1995


£ 2995


£ 4495
An Eco- Friendly Funeral

Due to an increased level of environmental pollution and its impact, we now offer eco-friendly funeral arrangements, mindful of how we can reduce the carbon footprint caused by the different ways we impact the environment.

A green funeral means we do our best to reduce distance by performing the ceremony at a graveside that is close to the funeral home. Our eco-friendly coffins are made of natural materials. Compared to burial which takes much longer to decompose, cremation is an environmentally friendly method of performing final rites, but it also consumes natural resources. Even though, it is a personal choice for those who are more concerned about the environment to follow these ethical options.

Please ensure you look at other funeral options that we offer. Under the circumstances, you may not be aware of the arrangements that are needed to be made. But we are here to help. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, so please call us at anytime.

Live Stream
The Best Alternative Hearses, the horse-driven hearse, such as A Guide to Non-Religious Funerals
Funeral Transport

We can provide varieties of hearse for traditional transport of the deceased. We can go through options with you and help you to find the perfect method of transport for the final journey to lay them to rest.

If you prefer a jaguar or limousine, or maybe a horse pulled hearse?

The family may wish to have a special send off with something a little different to reflect the life and personality of the deceased. i.e. Motorbike & Sidecar, VW Camper, Rolls Royce, Favourite Truck, Agricultural Transport. Let us know your wishes and we will do our best to arrange your requirements for the day.

What our customers say
This picture is about us, Paul Young Funeral Directors

About Paul, Doncaster Funeral Director

I have worked for over 30 years in the funeral business, following in the footsteps of my late father Jack Young, a reputable funeral director in Doncaster. We offer a competitively priced, friendly personal, reliable and complete service.

I am the only family owned funeral directors in the Askern, Campsall, Norton and surrounding areas. I have my own chapel of rest and a fleet of funeral vehicles. You are welcome to call in for a friendly coffee and chat at any time (please contact me prior to ensure I am in the office).

Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost will depend on the type of funeral and options you choose, for instance, the type of coffin, funeral vehicles, requiring flowers for the service, or whether it’s a burial or cremation. However, it is to bear in mind that third party charges are out of our control, such as locations. When you have made your funeral choices, we will give you a detailed written estimate on the costs, and then a fully itemised invoice provided within 5 days of the funeral taking place. You can check our prices here.

It is by law, that all deaths in England and Wales must be resisted within five days, however, this could be delayed depending on the circumstances.  

  • Date and place of death
  • The person’s full name (and maiden name, if applicable)
  • The person’s date and place of birth
  • Their occupation
  • Their last address
  • Whether they were in receipt of a State Pension or other benefits
  • Full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving or late spouse or civil partner

Once funeral arrangements are in place and preparations are completed, you can visit your loved one in the reflection room as often as you wish.  

While Black is the traditional worn colour at a funeral, However, there are now an increasing number of requests for mourners to wear alternative colours, whether that be a favourite colour to reflect their personality or bright colours to celebrate their life.

Of course, you can bring in any type of clothing that could reflect a hobby, job, or favourite outfit. Maybe your loved one liked wearing her wedding dress, maybe they’re a fan of a football/rugby team, were they in the Military? Dress them up in their Uniform. However, in some certain circumstances, clothing choices are restricted due to local crematoria rules.

The cremated remains are normally available 48 hours after the funeral unless otherwise specifically requested. Most crematoriums will retain the cremated remains for a period, giving you time to make your decision about their final resting place.

We're here to help, whenever you need us.

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