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Find the right Campsall funeral home for your needs

Paul Young Funeral Director provides you with a variety of funeral service choices. Select from everything, including caskets to meet your budget and preferences.


We work hard to ensure accuracy on prices listed. Development of fees in the future may change, so please be aware that there may be slight differences in some cases. Prices are provided for all services offered for a basic funeral service with the following:

• All paperwork

• Collection of body and its preparation before the funeral

• Transferring the body to the funeral service in a hearse or carriage

• The cost of a simple coffin or casket

A Paul Young Funeral Director will discuss additional charges with you. These are more commonly known as disbursements and include:


Extra funeral services you may want to discuss or consider could include:
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About Paul, Doncaster Funeral Director

I have worked for over 30 years in the business, offering a competitively priced, friendly personal, reliable and complete service. I am the only family owned funeral directors in the Askern, Campsall, Norton and surrounding areas. I have my own chapel of rest and a fleet of funeral vehicles. You are welcome to call in for a friendly coffee and chat at any time (please contact me prior to ensure I am in the office).