Bespoke & Affordable Funeral Reception Service in Doncaster

The after-funeral reception service gives mourners the chance to support each other, share stories, and memories of the loved one. Although, originally it was called a ‘Repast’, as close family members and friends would share a meal together. But in modern times, we hardly use the term ‘repast’ and opt for the term Reception instead, and it’s much more open to larger gatherings. For some people however, a close intimate meal is still the order of the day.


Funeral Reception becoming more unique

The trend of any funeral is becoming more unique, whether you have a traditional service, or a non-religious memorial, we find the same for the post-funeral reception. Events range from a causal gathering at the family home to a full sit-down meal at a restaurant. Either of these are perfectly fine since there are no hard and strict rules when it comes to the funeral reception, remember the service can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Even Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh opted for a ‘no-fuss’ funeral service instead of the Royal Protocol of a ‘State Funeral’.

After a funeral, it is customary to hold a funeral reception service that allows the gathering of friends and family members the opportunity to meet in an informal setting.

Take into account that whatever the type of funeral or reception you have, the more the event will take to plan. Remember to keep the purpose in mind and take your own needs into consideration, and consider what the person whose life you are celebrating would have wanted. The end goal is to give who cared about the loved one a chance to share and embrace memories of them.

Funeral Reception Services: The Do’s and Don’ts

This is a hard process to deal with on your own, so slow down and take a deep breath. The team here at Paul Young Funeral Directors are here to assist you during this difficult time.

Who is in charge of Organising the funeral reception service?

If you feel up to it, we give you all the support to plan and organise the reception. Everyone is different and sometimes it can help your situation as a welcome distraction. However, if it starts to get too much, slow down and ask a team member from Paul Young Funeral Directors to help you. Remember though, you won’t have much time to make arrangements unless you used a pre-paid funeral plan.


Other alternatives could include, close family members or friends who could step forward and organise the reception on your behalf, or if you are having the reception at a village/church hall, these types of venues may include professional assigned organisers to sort out the event when you book the venue.

How to personalise the event?

The purpose of a funeral reception is to give those attending a chance to share memories and further reflect on the life of the deceased. Although, you can help foster the interaction by making the event more personal that includes touches of your loved one’s favourite hobby or song, etc. These are just a few examples of how you can personalise the event:

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