Small Village Burghwallis, lies within South Yorkshire and borders neighbouring villages, such as Askern and Bentley. In fact, Burghwallis is situated amongst Farmland and the route heading towards Doncaster, Town Centre. The village was once the home of famous television host, Jeremy Clarkson, who is well-known for presenting such car programs like Top Gear & The Grand Tour. It also near where Paul Young runs a Funeral Directors, who operates the surrounding areas

Burghwallis, Paul Young Funeral Director

Today, the village lies between the historic ‘Great North Road’ which leads directly to major cities, such as York, Leeds, and Lincoln, as well as Doncaster the home of Paul Young Funeral Director. Fun fact, Paul young actually travelled up and down the ‘Great North Road’ while working at his dad’s funeral directors in Leeds, picking up the horse manure from the funerals.

The village is close to Woodlands, home to two churches, Woodlands All Saints’ Church, built from red brick in 1913 and used for the mining community, and St Joseph & St Theresa’s Catholic Church, with community Hall. The village also owns the largest community facility built in 1924 mostly for the miners and the woodlands community. However, it is now the village’s sporting and leisure facility.