Rural Village Skellow, part of the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, South Yorkshire falls in the Askern Spa Ward, which is the home of Paul Young Funeral Director. The village is the perfect place for countryside walks, a place full of open public spaces, with a range of small and medium sized parks scattered through both the modern and older housing estates. The village also has easy access to The Great North Road, so you can travel south to Doncaster, or Northwest towards Leeds.

Skellow, home of Paul Young Funeral Director

History of Skellow

On the east side of town, a group of older houses face Skellow Hall, originally built in 1642, but rebuilt during the second world war. However, the hall is now being used as residential care home for the elderly.

Chances are, if you lived in Skellow all your life, you might have worked in the coal mining industry, or know of a family member that did. Further east in the village, there is a sizable council housing estate, and is known to be the home of former coal miners. Did you know that, the area closed all of its coal mining stations in the 1980s, although, some remnants from the industry are still visible in the area.


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