Organising a Funeral

Throughout the on-going coronavirus pandemic, there are rules about who can and can’t go to a funeral because of social distancing and shielding of those in a high-risk category.  This can be quite upsetting and difficult for everyone involved, such as loved ones to the recently deceased.

Here at Paul Young Funeral Directors, we have some practical information about attending and organising a funeral, and ideas for remembering a loved one, supporting family and friends when they can’t be there in person.

Who can go to a Funeral?

Paul Young, funeral director based in Askern, near Doncaster says: Funerals can still take place and organisations that provide funeral services, such as Funeral Directors in Doncaster, have stayed open.

However, bear in mind that anyone organising a funeral during this time can only invite a small number of people (maximum of 30 people). This might include close immediate family members but if someone needs a carer to be able to attend the funeral, the carer can also attend as they’ll be classed as support bubble.

How many people can attend?

From October 31st to December 2nd England alone will be under national lockdown restrictions meaning everyone must ‘Stay home’ to prevent the NHS being overcrowded. However, funerals can still go ahead as long as there is a maximum of 30 people depending on how much space a venue can hold since social distancing measures must still be in place.

Young woman at graveyard organising a funeral
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What happens if I’m showing symptoms?

If you or anyone in your household bubble is showing any symptoms of having coronavirus, such as a new consistent cough, high fever, a loss in taste or smell, you won’t be allowed to attend the funeral. You must stay at home for the next 14 days, take a test and wait for your results.


For those who cannot make the funeral service, Paul Young Funeral Directors is offering a limited ‘Live-Streaming’ service that broadcasts the memorial service to various social media platforms, such as a private Facebook Group, an unlisted YouTube broadcast, and a Zoom call.

Can I hold a Wake after the

For many, holding a wake after the ceremony is an important part of remembering the loved one who died. But there are different rules on whether you can hold a wake depending on where you live in the United Kingdom.


In England, events such as stone settings and ash scatterings can continue with up to 15 people, but you must be socially distanced from anyone you do not live with or who isn’t part of your support bubble.

A wake on the other hand cannot go ahead in someone’s home, and venues like Pubs or restaurants due to closures during the second national lockdown.

Can I travel or stay overnight to attend a funeral?

You can travel into and out of an area that’s in Lockdown or in a different tier level to you, but you cannot sleep overnight at someone’s house. In England however, some hotels maybe close throughout Lockdown, but check as some may allow an overnight stay when attending a funeral.

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