What are the best alternative hearses?

The Traditional Hearse and limousine

The tried and tested alternative to transporting the body to the funeral service is the traditional hearse, which can be usually booked for an additional fee from the funeral director. This service will come with a driver(s) and pallbearers. However, on some occasion’s family members will act as pallbearers carrying the coffin inside the church or chapel, which will put the cost down.


Horse-drawn Hearse

A horse and carriage come complete with plumage, and is thought of as quite a display. This alternate type of transport is not for those who were shy and retiring or not into horses, however, they were the original form of transporting the body during the early late 19th and early 20th century. Some funeral directors can supply their own horse-drawn hearses, but they do come at a hefty price.

The Best Alternative Hearses, the horse-driven hearse, such as A Guide to Non-Religious Funerals

The Unusual Type of Hearse

When you ask what the best alternative hearses they are, you can’t really give a straight answer, as many families are different and may choose something unusual to transport the body to and from the funeral service. For example, if you’re a die-hard hipster, then the classic VW campervan might be that perfect choice to literally… go out in style!  


But what if your loved one was a hairy biker, no not the Geordie chefs, an actual hairy biker covered in leather and riding their Harley Davidson. Well, you don’t have to be part of the ‘Hell’s Angels” to be transported by your favourite motorbike.

Not a biker? No worries! If you’re loved one was a retired fireman, well what better way to use a fire engine to get you to the church on time – let’s hope there isn’t a fire at the same time though.

Okay, so we’ve gave you nearly every suggestion of how your loved one can travel in style, but if you’re a little short on money, there’s no lawful requirement to hire a hearse or special vehicle. Instead, you can hire a standard van or car, or even use the family car to transport the body. As long as the body is safe and secure, you can use any form of transport.

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