What is a Burial Service?

For those who are unsure, a burial service is usually a short ceremony – shorter than the main funeral service, and is mainly held afterwards when the family and loved ones make their way to the cemetery/place of rest. This is where the coffin is lowered into the ground.  Mourners are often invited to attend the burial, which may include short readings and prayers, depending on religious beliefs.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Burial Service.

This step-by-step guide will provide an overview of how to arrange a burial service, with Paul Young Funeral Directors’, and the to prepare for what’s involved before, during, and after the funeral.

a burial service is usually a short ceremony, shorter than the main funeral service.

What Paperwork will you need for a burial service?

When arranging a burial service, you should check you have everything you need to start the process. Before a burial funeral can take place, you will need to provide the following paperwork. Our caring professionals will make sure these are completed and submitted.

A Burial Certificate

Also known as the green form, to be obtained when you register the death of your loved one.

Burial Plot Application

If you wish to purchase a new grave or re-open an existing burial plot, you will need to sign an application form which is often issued by your local council or cemetery.

The exclusive right of burial is typically purchased for a period of 75 years and the burial plot will have certain conditions attached to it depending on the type of grave.

The Cost of a Burial

Burial costs vary significantly across the UK and are beyond our control. Our Funeral Directors will be on hand to co-ordinate these third-party costs on your behalf. When you’re planning a burial service for your loved one, it’s important to keep costs in mind.