Yorkshire Cemetery struggles to keep up with burials

A Yorkshire cemetery near Doncaster has announced recently that they have been struggling to keep up with the number of burials as the second wave of the pandemic has gathered pace. It’s not yet known what is the cause of this big increase, but COVID-19 is a major factor in taking many patents into hospitals when most of the north’s hospitals are in crisis!

A Yorkshire gravedigger rang Paul Young of ‘Paul Young Funeral Director’ about a sharp surge in deaths within Yorkshire. He said:

“We’ve got three shifts of gravediggers and bereavement support people working from 6am until 10pm, preparing graves, and in the last 10 days we’ve had 38 burials, which would be the figure we’d have in a bad winter month.”

By the weekend, the figure jumped to 51 deaths.

Yorkshire Cemetery struggles to keep up with burials

Young woman grieving at Yorkshire cemetery holding flowers

COVID-19 Rates surpass first peak

In the Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Covid-19 admission rates have surpassed the first peak in April, but the good news is that mortality remains considerably lower – less than a quarter of the rate in spring – as we have become experts in caring for and treating Covid-19 patients.

However, Paul Young has a hunch that a majority of cases of COVID may be going undiagnosed, and that more people, especially the elderly are dying from the deadly virus at home than the statistics show.

In February, back when the pandemic was hurtling towards the UK from China. Italy and Spain saw how devasting the virus could be when Hospitals were over crowded, Yorkshire on the other hand knew it would be badly hit, as a number of cities in our region has a high population of overcrowded housing, but also shares a patten of multi-generational family homes.

This is the main reason why Yorkshire and its cemeteries are being badly affected, it’s not just the Hospitals that are being overrun, but burials are too.